Don't get left out in the dark.

Get outdoor lighting for your scouts. These headlamps are a perfect, hands-free way to light the great outdoors on those overnighters. Yes, we also carry flashlights and lanterns, all battery operated.  Buy yours today!

3-In-1 Flashlight

Bronco Flashlight


Bronco Flashlight. Use this zoom-able 3 in 1 flashlight as a lantern, flashlight or safety light.  All in one package.  This bright flashlight has ...

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LED Ball Cap Clip Light

LED Ball Cap Clip Light


LED Ball Cap Clip Light. A cool hands-free 5 LED light to clip on the brim of your cap. Four settings: 1, 3, 5, and flashing.

Tiger Head Lamp

Orion Head Lamp


Orion Head Lamp. Sporting 120 lumens of bright, fully adjustable light, the Orion also features a 3W chip-on-board (COB) technology, 90 degrees of ...

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