How to Use Badge Magic

CAUTION: Please do not let young Scouts attempt this process without adult supervision. Badge Magic is non-toxic but very sticky. Keep Badge Magic out of the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and hair! In most cases, unwanted adhesive can be removed with the fingers. In stubborn cases, a stain remover like Goo Gone® can be used to remove the adhesive. Scissors can be cleaned with WD-40®.

PREPARATION: WASH AND DRY new uniforms and sashes before applying any badges. Iron the garment to prepare a smooth surface for the badges. On the Badge Magic adhesive sheet, find the badge outlines that match the badges you wish to attach. Use the Official Placement of Insignia guidelines, if supplied, to determine where to put the badges. Please see the special instructions below before attaching the World Crest Patch.


1. PEEL the paper cover from the selected badge outline area to reveal the sticky adhesive surface. Hint: Bending the adhesive sheet at the edge of the badge outline will help to expose an edge of the paper cover.

2. PRESS the back of the badge into the outlined area on the Badge Magic adhesive sheet. Push down on the badge firmly, especially around the edges, to make sure that the adhesive sticks evenly to the badge.

3. Slowly PEEL the badge from the sheet. The Badge Magic should now be on the back of the badge. Handle it by the edges. Tuck any excess adhesive to the back of the badge.

4. Place the badge gently onto the uniform at the location suggested by the Official Placement of Insignia guidelines. When the badge is in the right place, PRESS it down very firmly, especially around the edges.

5. Turn the garment inside out and RUB it hard from the back, again applying extra pressure to the edges of the badge. Pushing with a smooth solid object like the handle of a spoon will help to create a strong bond.

6. HEAT the garment in the clothes dryer for 15 to 20 minutes, remove it, and press down firmly around the edges of the badges. DO NOT IRON! Badge Magic is a peel and stick product. Ironing may cause the adhesive to penetrate through the fabric, making it more difficult to remove the badges later.

That’s It! If the edge of a badge ever does start to lift up, it can usually be re-attached by pressing behind the badge with a warm iron. If it needs more adhesive, cut a little from an unused part of the sheet, peel off the paper backing, and press it onto the loose area of the badge. Then press the badge firmly back onto the cloth.

This round purple badge has a fuzzy white cloth backing which separates from the badge in the washer if attached with Badge Magic. Peel the white cloth backing off of the patch with a fingernail before attaching it to the shirt.

Put the badge on the top of the adhesive sheet and trace around it with a pen or pencil. Then cut out the badge shape with scissors. Remove the printed side of the paper and press the adhesive to the back of the badge. Peel off the remaining paper backing and press the badge onto the uniform, following the instructions above.

IMPORTANT! Wash and dry the garment separately from other clothes the first time it is washed after applying the badges. To protect badges, button-up uniforms and turn them inside out before washing or drying. DO NOT DRY CLEAN unless you want to remove all the badges at once.

REMOVAL: Need to remove a badge? Squirt Goof Off® on the back side of the badge. After 20-30 seconds, slowly peel off the badge. Any residue can be removed by applying more solvent behind the badge area from the inside of the uniform and soaking it up with a paper towel. Repeat if necessary. Let the solvent evaporate, wash and dry if needed, and apply a new badge. To remove all the badges at once, have the uniform dry-cleaned using the traditional “Perc” solvent method. The adhesive will be completely dissolved and badges and uniform can be re-used. See the  Badge Removal Video for additional details.