Cat Herding Merit Badge

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Cat Herding Merit Badge.

Have you ever tried to herd cats? You can use a broom or any other device and all they do is continue to scatter. Working with people sometimes seems like herding cats. You have earned this merit badge if;

You have served in a Scouting position trying to get boys or girls to move in a predetermined direction together and experienced the frustration of having to chase them constantly to get them to the location you were headed for.

You've worked with a group of people on a project and experienced the frustration of having each of them head in a different direction while trying to accomplish the task.

You've tried to coach a group of youngsters in a soccer game. Almost seems like they are playing swarm ball.

If you have earned this merit badge you might want to check out the requirements for Squirrel merit badge for those you are trying to lead, guide or direct.

Remember you can award this merit badge to someone you think qualifies as well as earning it yourself.

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