Pro-Knot Outdoor Knot Cards

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Here is a handy design for a knot reference! Waterproof plastic knot cards mean you can take this little reference (just 2 1/4 x 3 1/2) with you hiking, camping, etc.and not worry about it getting wet!

Six cards are attached together in the corner with a brass grommet. 17 essential knots cover most any rope tying situation: Bowline, Square Knot, Water Knot Rolling Hitch, Sheet Bend (Doubled Sheet Bend too), Trucker's Hitch, Mooring Hitch, Tautline Hitch, Clove Hitch, Buntline Hitch, Constrictor Knot, Double Fisherman's, Figure Eight Follow Through, Prusik Knot, Half Hitch, Butterfly Knot and the Bowline on a Bight.

A set of these PRO-KNOT cards belong in the glove box of everyone's car or truck!  Great gift for your New Scout or the whole Troop!


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