Squirrel Merit Badge

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Squirrel Merit Badge.

The movie “UP” was the inspiration for this one.  The dog was talking and all of a sudden throws his
head to the side and says “squirrel”.  Some people are just easily distracted by shinny objects or almost
any other object.  You have earned this merit badge if;

You have been engaged in a conversation with another person and had your mind in a totally different world. OR

You have been talking about something and all of a sudden completely changed the direction of the conversation
without the benefit of a transitional statement or connection. OR

You seem to be unable to complete almost any task without been distracted by some other seemingly more
important task only to be distracted by an even more seemingly important task.

Hopefully you have not qualified for the Vehicle Customization Merit Badge while earning this one. You
had better check the requirements.

Remember you can award this merit badge to someone you think qualifies as well as earning it yourself.

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