Toilet Paper Merit Badge

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Toilet Paper Merit Badge. Mint condition.

One of the biggest dilemmas in this COVID-19 pandemic is what is the relationship between toilet paper, water, and facemasks and the virus. You have earned this merit badge if you have done any of the following.

You have successfully navigated through the great toilet paper shortage and kept your butt clean.

You were not injured during the fights over a case of toilet paper.

You implemented a program at your house for usage reduction. Only to find out that your hand soap usage skyrocketed.

You did not hoard over 100 cases of toilet paper and then try to sell it on Amazon at three times the price with the excuse that you were trying to help out those who could not find any.

Remember you can award this merit badge to someone you think qualifies.  We know you would probably never admit that you earned it yourself.

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