Who Do I Listen To Merit Badge

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Who Do I Listen To Merit Badge? Mint condition. 


Are you TOTALLY confused by all of the news reports on how to protect your self and the status of the Coronavirus pandemic? You have earned this merit badge if you have done any of the following.

Wondered why it is so critical that doctors and nurses have to wear high-quality face masks and you can be protected by wearing an old piece of a bedsheet over your face.

Have wondered why you are wearing a face-covering to protect others when yours does nothing to protect you. How come their face-covering works and yours don't?

Wondered why it is alright to not wear a face covering at a protest but you cannot attend church wearing a face mask. Must be something about protecting your anonymity. 

Are listening to one group who says we are all going to die and the other group that says this is no big deal, go out there and enjoy your self.

Remember you can award this merit badge to someone you think qualifies.  We know you would probably never admit that you earned it yourself.

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